Undergraduate Auditions

Undergraduate Auditions 2021-2022

Audition Tour

All Auditions will be via Video Submission Followed by a Live/In-Person Audition

Two auditions will be held at the School of Dance facilities.  Video submissions will be reviewed and assessed after the submission deadlines listed below. Video submissions will be reviewed by the faculty to screen prospective students for a live, in-person audition at the School of Dance facilities.  Applicants will be notified of call back via email by the dates listed below.

Students auditioning for both programs will have the opportunity to participate in Ballet and Modern auditions on the day of audition. If you are called back for live audition(s), please be prepared to participate in a brief interview with the faculty. Please be advised, only selected students will be asked to stay for an interview.

October Audition Dates

  • Sept. 10 - Registration Deadline 
  • Sept. 23-24 - Call Back Notifications Sent via Email
  • Oct. 23 - Audition Day
  • Nov. 19 - Audition Results Mailed

January Audition Dates

  • Dec. 1 - Registration Deadline 
  • Dec. 20 - Call Back Notifications Sent via Email
  • Jan. 29 - Audition Day
  • Feb. 18 - Audition Results Mailed

OU School of Dance Video Audition Requirements

You must submit two separate online registration forms and videos if auditioning for both Ballet and Modern.

REQUIRED: Video should be uploaded on a video link (YouTube or similar) and attached to the online registration form. No Google Drive submissions please. Please be sure the link and video works before submitting your form! Videos should not exceed 10 minutes.

• Photo from shoulders up. Long hair pulled away from the face.
• Save File As: Lastname_Firstname_Headshot.jpg (Smith_Jamie_Headshot)
• JPG format

• Ballet applicants should be in First Arabesque (en pointe if applicable).
• Save File As: Lastname_Firstname_Position (Smith_Jamie_Position)
• JPG format

• All applicants must submit a 400-500 word essay (double-spaced, 12 point font).
• Discuss your background and training, why you are interested in the OU School of Dance, and what unique qualities you may contribute to our program.
• Save File As: Lastname_Firstname_Essay (Smith_Jamie_Essay)
• PDF format

Female Attire: Solid color Leotard with full-length footed tights in pink or complementing skin tone, coordinating ballet technique shoes. Please wear tights inside of leotard. Pointe shoes for all center. No skirts please.
Male Attire: Solid color t-shirt tucked into tights, dance belt, full-length black or grey tights and coordinating ballet technique shoes.

Barre Work
• Pliés 1st and 5th positions
• Tendu/Dégagés from 1st and 5th positions (include accented work)
• Rond de Jambe/Fondu/Développé
• Grand Battement

Center Work Women must be en pointe
• Adagio (include penché arabesque, large pose pirouette, promenade)
• Pirouettes en dehors and en dedans
• Petit Allegro (include batterie)
• Grand Allegro (only if appropriate space is available)
• Relevés, consecutive Relevés on one leg, Échappés, Piqué and Chaîné turns
• Men: Include Tour en l'air, Entrechat six
• Variation from the classical repertory. May be in studio or recent stage performance.

Please note, if you do not have access to a dance studio, you may modify or omit these video requirements as needed to fit your available space in a safe manner.

Attire: Solid colored unitard or top and bottom with no feet. Long hair pulled away from the face.

o Center work
o Floor work
o Jumps
o Movement traveling across the floor
o A modern dance solo of at least 3 minutes in length

Please note, if you do not have access to a dance studio, you may modify or omit these video requirements as needed to fit your available space in a safe manner.

Download a detailed copy of video requirements here.