Undergraduate Auditions

Undergraduate auditions will take place on October 9, 2017 and January 27, 2018. In order to reserve a space at the audition, you must contact the School of Dance "[email protected]" or at 405-325-4051.

Attire for the ballet audition is a black leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers and pointe shoes for women. Men are to wear a white T-shirt, black tights and black ballet shoes or white ballet shoes with white socks. Attire for the modern audition is either a footless black unitard or a black leotard and footless black tights (ankle length/short sleeve or camisole). Hair must be secured off the face and neck for both auditions. Each student must provide a full-length 8x10 photo in dancewear (pose is your choice) at the time of the audition.

The ballet audition will consist of a technique class with pointe and men's work. The modern dance audition will also consist of a technique class. Only students auditioning for admission as a modern dance major must also provide a DVD or Video Link of a brief (1 to 1 1/2 minutes) solo to be reviewed by the faculty.